Wed 19th Dec 2018 7:07:30
RT @J4CKMULL: "Be CaReFuL WIth StaFFiEs TheY'rE AggReSSive" https://t.co/ncZ0u5hRel
Umami Kushi
Wed 19th Dec 2018 0:52:24
Some beignets r&d for a Cap hill spot that will hit the streets soon. Adzuki Bean custard filling or Yuzu curd fill… https://t.co/O7vUejz0Np
Exotic Asian Cuisine
Wed 19th Dec 2018 0:35:11
'I drove all the way from the Valley for the imported adzuki bean paste kimchi jjigae here. No regrets.' --Luke Damon
Wed 19th Dec 2018 0:35:07
GRIZZLY BONANZA: Caffè Latte, Adzuki Bean, and Coconut ice cream, served on a Belgian waffle with madeleines.
it's almost fuckin 🎅⛄🎄CHRISTMAS🎄⛄🎅
Tue 18th Dec 2018 23:48:03
RT @goodbeanjokes: Lima Baked Soy Pinto Black Edamame Fava Red…