hey bitch what's up bitch suck my dick bitch
Fri 24th Nov 2017 7:30:15
Almond joys, paydays, and heath bars. Now that is just a list of shitty ass candy bars
crossogue preserves
Fri 24th Nov 2017 7:29:03
RT @Stefhanscafe: Sometimes all that works is the #cakeaway more of Stef's fabulous pastry this time #chocolate #almond Great quality stuf…
Dale Summersby
Fri 24th Nov 2017 7:28:43
RT @tonyalmonds: *COMPETITION TIME* WIN a £45.95 Zig-Zag Light Up Cherry Tree! For your chance to #win all you have to do is Follow us and…
Fri 24th Nov 2017 7:28:32
yesterday i ate so much vegan almond ice cream i think it's probably in my bloodstream now
Sandra Klein
Fri 24th Nov 2017 7:28:15
RT @TorontoPigSave: Please stop paying for this to happen! You’re not a baby, stop drinking breastmilk! Drink; rice or soy or almond o…