Wed 19th Dec 2018 12:56:40
RT @isro: Update #7 #GSAT7A #GSLVF11 Propellant filling of liquid strap-ons completed. Updates to follow.
Wed 19th Dec 2018 12:25:42
Thats me reacting to karela chips, wtf it is even
Sonu Thakur 🇮🇳
Wed 19th Dec 2018 12:24:58
"Ek to karela duje neem chadha". Didn't get the $70 million form @BCCI and now have to compensate from their own po…
arman. =_=
Wed 19th Dec 2018 12:03:15
RT @bhavyaaaaaa__: In the world full of tinde,kaddu and karela be someone's alloo
Wild Wolf!
Wed 19th Dec 2018 11:14:37
@bhavyaaaaaa__ I prefer being karela/tinde/kaddu Cause i want them to leave me alone