dream sandwich
Mon 25th Sep 2017 4:14:58
ooh, red okra and cherry-smoked bacon sand witch
The Jamaican Jerk
Mon 25th Sep 2017 4:03:03
I dislike to taste, look, and smell of okra.
Mon 25th Sep 2017 4:01:37
I could eat pickled okra all day
Hyderabad Marriott
Mon 25th Sep 2017 4:00:31
Looking for a place to enjoy a quiet dinner? Come to Bidri or Okra and enjoy a relaxed dinner with friends and fam… https://t.co/eFSvrgqGe2
I am a Paine
Mon 25th Sep 2017 3:52:56
@DrainTheTrumps Congrats to Tomi Lahren for proving Kaepernick's point: racism is alive and well along with hating Jews.