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(Cordia gheraf, Cordia myxa, Cordia dichotoma)

Other Names: Gumberry, Labeda, Lasora

Gunda is a small to moderate-sized (to 5m) deciduous tree with a short trunk and spreading crown. The stem bark is greyish brown with longitudinal fissures. The leaves are broad, ovate, alternate and stalked with the spread being 7 to 15 cm x 5 to 10 cm. Flowers are short-stalked, bisexual and white in colour. The fruit is a green berry or ovoid drupe 1 cm diameter seated in a saucer-like enlarged calyx. It turns black on ripening and the pulp gets viscid.

Immature gunda berries are used as a vegetable and to make pickles after removing the stone and sticky white pulp. The sticky pulp is used to make glue.

The ripe fruit is full of vitamins and used to help indigestion. The bark and roots are also very effective against cough, cold and various other ailments connected with indigestion and throat problems.

Thrives in warm tropical climates with annual rainfall less than 500 mm.

Prefers deep sandy soils.

From seed.

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