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Curry Leaf image Curry Leaf

Botanical Name: Murraya koenigii, Bergera koenigii
Other Names: Limda, Limdo, Limbda, Kari Patta, Karapincha, Kari Bevu, Kadhilimba

From seed or semi-ripe stem cuttings.

Custard Apple image Custard Apple

Botanical Name: Annona reticulata
Other Names: Ramfar, Ramphal, Cherimoya

Seed is the usual means of propagation. Nevertheless, the tree can be multiplied by inarching or by budding or grafting onto its own seedlings or onto soursop, sugar apple or pond apple rootstocks. Custard apple seedlings are frequently used as rootstocks for soursop and sugar apple.

Date Palm image Date Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera
Other Names: Dattier, Datil, Datteri, Tamara, Kharek

Date palms grow readily from seed. They should be kept warm and constantly wet for germination. Dates grown from seeds can take 6 to 10 years to fruit. The best and common means of propagation is by transplanting the suckers.

Dill image Dill

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens
Other Names: Shubit, Sabasiga, Surva, Soyi, Sowa, Soya, Ain jaradeh, Shevid

The seeds are viable for 3-10 years. Plants intended for seed for further planting should not be grown near fennel, as the two species can hybridise.

Doringu image Doringu

Botanical Name: Citrus maxima x Citrus limettioides
Other Names: Ugli fruit

From seeds and cuttings. It is usually grafted onto lime rootstock for quicker fruit production.

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