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Karela image Karela

Botanical Name: Momordica charantia
Other Names: Bitter gourd, Bitter melon, Hanzal, Nigauri, Peria, Karawila, Balsamina, Foo gua

From seed. Sow 2 - 3 cm deep outside in a warm sunny place. Provide plenty of sunshine, water and space as per other gourds. It may be easier to sow indoors first and moved outdoors when both daytime and night time temperatures have risen.

Kiwi image Kiwi

Botanical Name: Actinidia deliciosa
Other Names: Chinese gooseberry, Kivi, Macaque peach, Wood berry

From seed, grafting and softwood cuttings.

Langsat image Langsat

Botanical Name: Lansium domesticum
Other Names: Langsa, Lanzon, Duku, Kokosan

Langsats are commonly grown from seeds which must be planted within 1 or 2 days after removal from the fruit. Viability is totally lost in 8 days unless the seeds are stored in polyethylene bags at 4 - 6 C where they will remain viable for 14 days.Seedlings will bear in 12 to 20 years. Air-layering is discouraging, as the root system is weak and the survival rate is poor after planting out. Shield-budding has a low rate of success. Cleft- and side-grafting and approach-grafting give good results.

Lime image Lime

Botanical Name: Citrus latifolia, C. hystrix, C. aurantifolia, C. limetta
Other Names: Limbu, Makrut, Limeon, Limone, Limette, Lima, Limon verde, Kalka

Lime is usually propagated by seed because most seeds are polyembryonic and reproduce faithfully to the parent. In some areas, root sprouts from mature trees are taken up and transplanted into groves. Sprouting may be encouraged by digging around the parent tree to sever the roots wholly or partly. Cuttings of mature wood may also serve for propagation but usually do not develop strong root systems.

Longan image Longan

Botanical Name: Dimocarpus longan
Other Names: Guiyuan, Dragon's eye

Longan can be propagated from seed, air-layering, budding, grafting, cutting and inarching. Trees grown from seeds take longer to bear fruit (7-8 years). The seeds lose viability quickly. After drying in the shade for 4 day, they should be planted without delay, but no more than 2 cm deep, otherwise they may send up more than one sprout. Germination takes place within a week or 10 days.

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