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(Raphanus sativus)

Other Names: Daikon, White radish, Chinese radish, Mooro, Lobak

There are many varieties of mooli/daikon. They all resemble a large carrot in shape but are all coloured white. They can vary in size from 20 to 35 cm (8 to 14 inches) long and 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches) in diameter.

Mooli taste similar to radish but stronger and is popular in Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cooking. It is used raw in salads and also shredded and cooked and put into many dishes. Fresh leaves can also be eaten as a leaf vegetable but they are often removed when sold in a store because they do not adjust well to the refrigerator, yellowing quite easily.

Mooli is very low in food energy and high in vitamin C. Mooli also contains active enzymes that aid digestion, particularly of starchy foods. Mooli juice is used to cure kidney stone problems.

Mooli grows best in warm climates with occasional rain. It needs 2 to 3 months of high temperatures and good light and it does not grow well if temperatures fall below 10C.

Light deep soil with plenty of organic matter.

From seed. Sow 1 - 2 cm deep in rich soil and give it plenty of light and warmth. It will be ready to harvest in 2 - 3 months.

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