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(Vigna radiata, Phaseolus aureus)

Other Names: Moong dal, Munggo, Green gram, Lu tou, Look dou, Moyashi-mame

Mung bean plant grows 0.5 to 1 m tall and produce clusters of 2 to 8 slender, 7 - 10 cm long, black, slightly fuzzy pods with very small green seeds. Each pod may contain as many as 15 small oval seeds.

Mung beans have a variety of food uses and are very popular in Asian cooking. They may be split or ground. They may be used peeled or whole. They are sweet, and soft, and they are easily digested. The most popular use of mung beans in the western world is for sprouting.


Requires plenty of warmth and sunlight for healthy high yielding plant.

Mung will grow in all types of soil and as it is deep rooted, it does best in moist, deep soils.

Mung beans remain viable for a number of years and they germinate quite readily. For sprouts, simply keep damp and warm (15C 20C) for a few days and they will germinate and grow a few cm long. To cultivate the plant sow in damp soil 2 to 3 cm deep, they should germinate within a few days and will be ready to harvest in 3 to 4 months.

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