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Dill image Dill

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens
Other Names: Shubit, Sabasiga, Surva, Soyi, Sowa, Soya, Ain jaradeh, Shevid

Dill seed is used to make dill water or tea which treats indigestion, flatulence, hiccups, stomach and menstrual cramps, insomnia, colds, flu and colic. The seeds can also be infused in a tea to stimulate milk production in nursing mothers.In India the seeds are taken after meals to not only aid digestion but to sweeten the breath. The seeds also act as a diuretic. For external use, dip fingernails in a seed infusion to strengthen them. Dill aids in treating cramps due to its antispasmodic and calmative properties. Dill is also an appetite stimulant. It is a constituent of gripe water and other children's medicines because of its ability to ease flatulence and colic.

Doringu image Doringu

Botanical Name: Citrus maxima x Citrus limettioides
Other Names: Ugli fruit

Pickled doringu is used to treat stomach upsets.

Dudhi image Dudhi

Botanical Name: Benincasa hispada
Other Names: White gourd, white pumpkin, Lauki, Cucuzza, Po gua

Fruit is a good source of iron, calcium, and phosphorus, vitamin B. Fruit is 6% sugar; the seeds contain a fixed oil and saponin. Young shoots and leaves used for enema. Pulp used as purgative adjunct; also used for coughs, and poison antidote. Poultice of pulp applied to the head in delirium; to the soles for burning feet. Oil from seed applied externally for headaches. Seeds also used as antihelminthic.

Durian image Durian

Botanical Name: Durio zibethinus
Other Names: Civet fruit, Stinkvrucht

The flesh is said to serve as a vermifuge. In Malaya, a decoction of the leaves and roots is prescribed as a febrifuge. The leaf juice is applied on the head of a fever patient. The leaves are employed in medicinal baths for people with jaundice. Decoctions of the leaves and fruits are applied to swellings and skin diseases. The ash of the burned rind is taken after childbirth.

Fennel image Fennel

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Other Names: Saunf, Mouri, Shombu, Veriyari

Essential oil of Fennel is included in some pharmacopoeias. It is traditionally used in drugs to treat chills and stomach problems.

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