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Sugar Apple image Sugar Apple

Botanical Name: Annona squamosa
Other Names: Sitafar, Sitaphal, Seethaphal, Anon, Ata, Atamoya, Ates, Sakya, Srikaya, Sweetsop

Sugar apple seeds have a relatively long life, having kept well for 3 to 4 years. They germinate better a week after removal from the fruit than when perfectly fresh. Germination may take 30 days or more but can be hastened by soaking for 3 days or by scarifying. The percentage of germination is said to be better in unsoaked seeds.

Sugarcane image Sugarcane

Botanical Name: Saccharum officinarum
Other Names: Sugar Reed, Azucar, Sucre, Sukkar, Sockerrör, Tsuker, Guarapo, Piloncillo, Kurozato, Sairdi, Ganna, Kaneh, Zucchero, Zucker

Sugarcane is propagated from cuttings, rather than from seeds; although certain types still produce seeds, modern methods of stem cuttings have become the most common method of reproduction. Each cutting must contain at least one bud, and the cuttings are usually planted by hand. Once planted, a stand of cane can be harvested several times; after each harvest, the cane sends up new stalks, called ratoons. Usually, each successive harvest gives a smaller yield, and eventually the declining yields justify replanting. Depending on agricultural practice, two to ten harvests may be possible between plantings.

Tamarillo image Tamarillo

Botanical Name: Cyphomandra betacea
Other Names: Tree Tomato, Tomate granadilla

Seeds or cuttings may be used for propagation. Seeds produce a high-branched, erect tree, ideal for sheltered locations. Cuttings develop into a shorter, bushy plant with low-lying branches, suitable for exposed, windy sites. The tree does not always come true from seed, but is most likely to if one is careful to take seed from red fruits with black seed pulp or yellow fruits with yellow seed pulp. The flowers are self pollinating but does better with assistance from wind or bees.

Tamarind image Tamarind

Botanical Name: Tamarindus Indica
Other Names: Ambli, Amli, Ampil, Tamarin, Tamarindo

Tamarind seeds remain viable for months and will germinate in a week after planting (in tropical climates). In the past, propagation has been customarily by seed sown in position, with thorny branches protecting the young seedlings. The tree can be grown easily from cuttings, or by shield-budding, side-veneer grafting, or air-layering.

Tindora image Tindora

Botanical Name: Coccinia grandis
Other Names: Ivy Gourd, Kundri, Kovai, Tindla, Pepinillos

Grows readily from seed or mature vine cuttings.

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