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Vanilla image Vanilla

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia, V. fragrans, V. tahitensis, V. pompona
Other Names: Vainilla, Vanille, Vanilina

Vanilla is propagated by stem cutting or by tissue culture. The cuttings should be nurtured in 50% shade and roots well established before planting in the desired location.

Wood Apple image Wood Apple

Botanical Name: Feronia Elephantum, Limonia Acidissima
Other Names: Koht, Elephant apple, Feronia elephantum, Feronia limonia, Monkey fruit or Curd fruit, Kaitha, Divul

The wood apple is generally grown from seeds though seedlings will not bear fruit until at least 15 years old. Multiplication may also be by root cuttings and air-layering.

Zalacca image Zalacca

Botanical Name: Salacca zalacca, Salacca edulis
Other Names: Salak, Salaca, Snake fruit, Salakpalme

Fresh seed germinates readily and propagation from seed is easy, have a high germination rate (90%) and emerge in less than 10 days, but the rate decreases after storage. However, vegetative propagation is recommended. Stem sections of 1-2 m length, taken from ageing, high-quality clones, are buried in the soil and covered with mulching material. The soil is kept moist to force viable buds on the cuttings to sprout. The plantlets are separated from the stem and nursed in polythene bags for a year before planting out.

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