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Adzuki image Adzuki

Botanical Name: Vigna angularis, Phaseolus angularis
Other Names: Azuki, Aduki, Kor, Hongdou, Pat

The adzuki bean, like other edible beans, is used directly as a food. It is valued for its relatively low cooking time (approx. 1 hour) as well as low fat and high protein and natural sugar profile.

Almond image Almond

Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis
Other Names: Amandal, Amande, Amendra, Amendoa, Badum, Mandel, Mandorla

While the almond is most often eaten on its own, raw or toasted, it is used in some dishes. It, along with other nuts, is often sprinkled over desserts. Almonds can be processed into a milk substitute simply called almond milk, the nut's soft texture, mild flavour, and light colouring (when skinned) make for an efficient analog to dairy, and a soy-free choice for lactose intolerant people. Almond extract is also a popular substitute for vanilla extract among people with diabetes. It is the main ingredient of marzipan.

Amla image Amla

Botanical Name: Emblica officinalis, Phyllanthus emblica
Other Names: Emblic, Indian gooseberry, Amlaki, Amala

Amla is mainly used for its health benefits however it is sometimes eaten to avoid thirst, the sour acidy flavour of the fruit stimulates the flow of saliva.Fresh amla is can also be used in tarts, added to other foods as seasoning during cooking. Both ripe and half-ripe fruits are candied whole and also made into jam and other preserves, sweetmeats, pickles and relishes. They are combined with other fruits in making chutney.

Aubergine image Aubergine

Botanical Name: Solanum melongena
Other Names: Eggplant, Bringal, Melongena, Berenjena, Katharikkaai, Baingan, Qiezi, Ringra

Aubergine is used extensively in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. It can be baked, stewed or added to soups and curries.

Avocado image Avocado

Botanical Name: Persea americana
Other Names: Augacate, Cura, Cupandra, Palta, Abacate, Avocatier

Avocados are primarily served as salad vegetables, merely halved and garnished with seasonings or other dressings. Often the halves are stuffed with shrimp, crab or other seafood. The seasoned flesh is sometimes used as a sandwich filling.Avocado is the main ingredient in Mexican guacamole.Avocados are never cooked because of its tannin content, the flesh becomes bitter if cooked. In Brazil, the avocado is regarded more as a true fruit than as a vegetable and is used mostly mashed in sherbet, ice cream or milk shakes. Avocado oil is employed in making facial creams, hand lotions and fine soap, it can also be used in cooking being rich in vitamins A, B and E but is relatively expensive.

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